God's Thoughts and Business Solutions from some of todays leaders. 
"This Kingdom minded e-book opened my eyes practicality for my Business."
God's Thoughts and Solutions For Business
Table of Contents
Introduction by Bob Hasson - CEO - Hasson Inc.  
Chapter I - God Has Solutions For You by Shawn Bolz - Author - TV Host - Spiritual Adviser - Producer - Minister Chapter II - The Promise on the Wall by Zack Curry - Executive Pastor / Operations Director - JC Sacramento Chapter III - The Business of the Kingdom by Darren Rouanzoin - Pastor - Garden Church 
Chapter IV - Kingdom Business by Charlie Lewis - Businessman - Entrepreneur - Author - Teacher 
Chapter V - Partnering with God’s Financial Plan by Jeremy Butrous - Author - Speaker - Entrepreneur 
Chapter VI - The Spiritual Key to Access by Brock Shinen - Psychologist - Lawyer - Writer 
Chapter VII - The Advisor: How to Serve Those in Charge by Joel Kneedler - Publisher - Emanate Books 
Chapter VIII - God’s Legacy in Business by Bob Hasson - CEO - Hasson Inc. 
Chapter IX - Women, Lead as You by Sheri Silk - Project Manager - Loving on Purpose 
Chapter X - Perfect Love Creates by Jack Smith - Project Director - Teen Mania Ministries 
Chapter XI - Heavenly Solutions in Business by Charlie Harper - Administrator / Project Manager - Bethel Church 
Chapter XII - The Great Redeemer in Business by Tom Miller - Chairman / CEO of Sellr Technologies, Inc. 
Chapter XIII - Building A Legacy: Harnessing Error Avoidance by Kyler Hasson - Registered Investment Advisor
Chapter XIV - What To Do When You Don’t Know What to Do by Andy Mason - Director - Heaven in Business 
Chapter XV - Overcoming Setbacks in Business by Jon Fuller - Founder / Host - Are You Real podcast 
Chapter XVI - Have You Fed Your Company Lately? by Lauren Hasson - Founder / Director - Lifestreams Ministries
Chapter XVII - The Worth of Work by Kris Vallotton - Senior Associate Leader - Bethel Church co-founder - Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM)